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Pricing and Terms & Conditions


My charges start from £160 for a small head and shoulders portrait

Deposit & Final Payment

Once I have started work on your portrait the deposit becomes non-refundable.

If you wish to cancel your booking, for whatever reason, please provide a minimum of 2 weeks notice.  

Full payment is required once the portrait has been completed and prior to posting.

Portrait in Progress

Initially I will send a draft outline or software generated graphic representation of the proposed portrait.  I will ask, at this point, if you are happy.  If you want anything changed please advise at this time. 

Where software generated graphic representation of the portrait is used, as part of the proposal, then please be aware that the colour on different screens look different. So the colours may look a different shade in the final artwork. The uniform and/or sharp edges in a software generated graphic are not possible to be recreated in hand drawn or painted art. The software generated graphic is just to give an impression of the final work, not an exact representation. See images below for an example of before and after.

Changes can not be made once I have started the portrait.  I will send you regular updates of my progress.


A booking is confirmed once the deposit has been paid.  If you wish to cancel your booking please give a minimum of 2 weeks notice.  If I have notified you that I have started on the portrait the deposit becomes non-refundable.  If you wish to cancel whilst the portrait is in progress I reserve the right to charge for time and materials used up to that point.  

Finished portrait - postage and packing

Once the portrait has been finished I will send a final photograph and request the outstanding balance.

Postage and packing is included in the price, as is a plain, single mount. I can ship worldwide with postage advised, depending on your location. My prices do not include the framing of the portrait.


Ellen Bothwick Art retains the right to make reproductions of any artwork created unless the customer has purchased the full rights to the artwork. This would be for an addition charge to purchasing the original art.

The buyer may not reproduce the artwork in any way without prior permission from the artist.

The buyer has the right to display the artwork in their home or business. Artwork may not be reproduced for profit in any way without the artist’s written permission.

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before and after.png

An example of Software generated image that I sometimes created to show the client an approximate idea of how the modern art might look. the actual art may vary in colour for artistic impact and/or depth. the crisp outlines generated on the computer are unlikely to be achieved by hand in the actual piece of art.

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